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Massage and Bodywork

I use a variety of techniques based on a plan we make together. Deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, cupping and neuromuscular therapy are a few of the modalities I weave to relax, restore and deeply work muscles. My goal is to work with your fascia to get results while also calming your nervous system so your body can absorb the work we do. 

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is light touch manipulations and holds where there is restriction and tension. It works to support the bones, fascia and rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluid. I strive to give the body a chance to rest, process, heal and be witnessed. Sessions are done fully clothed. It can be helpful for working with personal trauma, chronic or acute pain, injuries, TMJ, head aches and so much more.

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Event Massage

On site massage for a business to promote well being for employees, sporting events for athletes, music concerts and events, wedding parties and more.

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