Massage Services


60 or 90 minutes

60 or 90 minutes

These sessions are tailored around your wants/needs. Generally these sessions will include deep tissue, Swedish, Cupping and hot towels*. Sessions can be very active and dynamic with a lot of participation from you or more based around relaxation, depending on what you want and need.

Massage sessions are great for people who:

- want work on specific areas of their bodies, like shoulders, necks, forearms, jaws and backs

- want to relax but also have deeper work 

- are interested in cupping (not a requirement)

- have been in a car accident and are needing care


60 minutes

I do things a little differently than what you might have experienced in a Craniosacral session before. I incorporate some bodywork into the start of the session, usually focusing on the back, shoulders and neck. This is generally light touch, working with your nervous system to unwind muscles and fascia to warm up your body to receive craniosacral. 

Craniosacral sessions are great for people who:

- Want/need light touch

- Want work that helps with headaches, TMJ, stress, nervous system regulation, pain and more.

- Have had a car accident or other trauma where deep touch might feel like too much or they are experiencing headaches/concussion symptoms. 

*Craniosacral can be included in any regular massage session at no extra charge. It is common for me to include 5-10 minutes at the end.

What a session with me will entail:

Intake: We will have a discussion about what kind of massage you are looking for, including areas of focus or concern, pressure preferences, areas of caution, and any questions you may have and how we communicate during the session and what touch boundaries you want to make known. With this information, we’ll create a plan together for the session. 

I know that massage can be intimidating, especially the first time. The intake is a great time to voice any questions or concerns you may have.


Massage: This will reflect the plan made during the intake. Modalities I like to include: Cupping, craniosacral, myofascial, neuromuscular, assisted stretching, Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, hot towels and more. We’ll discuss these options in the intake, and also throughout the session.


After the massage: We will do a check in on how your body is feeling, any questions you may have and any aftercare I may suggest. This is also when you will pay. I accept cash, Venmo, cards, BCBS insurance and auto accident (PIP) insurance. 

Questions? Check out my FAQ page or email me at